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Can’t get enough of the Seinfeld sitcom series? Why not continue the fun with Seinfeld board games! We’ve reviewed our top 4 Seinfeld games that are fun, interesting, and totally spot-on to the show’s quirks and comedy. Just click any of the links to buy Seinfeld games right now!

Top 4 Seinfeld Games

  1. Scene It? Seinfeld

    The Scene It Seinfeld board game is great right off the bat because the board’s background is of Get it now!Jerry’s apartment—so cool! Also, the game is quirky, and that’s why we love it. Using cereal bowls as spaces to land, it’s as eccentric as the show with comedy built right in. Fun things like rules that offer “double dipping” and other Seinfeld buzz words make this a fun game to keep around, especially for the diehard Seinfeld fan.

    Game pieces include a cigar Indian, a box of Chinese takeout, a cereal box and of course, the Puffy Shirt.

    This game comes complete with a DVD, which is the main feature of Scene It? Seinfeld. Included are Seinfeld TV clips and a party/multiple person feature.

  2. Seinfeld Trivia Game

    The Seinfeld Trivia game by Pressman Toys is a great game for multiple people or even a great Get it now from! party game because it can be played at the pace of your choice. The objective of the game is totravel across the board to visit each of the Seinfeld friends: Elaine, George, Kramer, and of course Jerry.

    The Seinfeld Trivia Game does a nice job of incorporating various show elements into one fun, comedic board game. This includes clever references to The Soup Nazi, Monk’s Diner, and other fun elements of Seinfeld.

    This game is appropriate for smaller parties since 2 to 4 players can participate. With over 698 questions, the game can be played over and over again without getting bored or running out of fun questions to stump even the most diehard Seinfeld fan.

  3. Monopoly Seinfeld Game

    For Monopoly fans and Seinfeld fans alike, there’s no better way to get into the spirit of the show than with Seinfeld Monopoly. Places to Go, Get out of Jail, and $200 Past Go are all customized to Get it now from!everyone’s favorite show, making it even more fun to grow your real estate and capture your deserved Seinfeld glory!

    Monopoly Seinfeld Game feature tidbits of the show that are easily recognizable: Monk’s Diner, Central Park (Rusty the horse draws the carriage!), and Jerry’s apartment. Plus, the player’s tokens are original and wonderful—people will be fighting over who can use Fusilli Jerry!

    In addition to Fusilli Jerry, playing pieces also include Puffy Shirt, The Bro / Mansierre, Elaine’s Urban Sombrero, Kramer’s Coffee Table book about Coffee Tables, and George’s Marble Rye.

  4. Seinfeld ClueGet it now from!

    An old classic gets reinvented with Seinfeld Clue. Here’s a fun way to interpret the show in a unique way—the Sherlock Holmes way, that is!

    Seinfeld Clue is based upon Newman’s plot to distribute the Seinfeld crew secrets in a newsletter he’ll plan to distribute across NYC on his mail rote. In a plea and an unfortunate struggle, Newman gets canned. Who did it?

    Fun details about the Seinfeld sitcom are dually noted throughout the game including the Chinese Restaurant, Soup Kitchen, and Festivus celebrations. It’s a fun party game for 6 or fewer people.

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