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Superman References on Seinfeld

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Is it urban legend, or is it true? Rumor has it that in every Seinfeld episode, there are Superman references big and small. Here’s a great way to try your hand at spotting Superman references in every episode. It’s easy and fun. You’ll be a Seinfeld Superman expert in no time.

Try looking in everyday places

When trying to find Superman references while watching your favorite Seinfeld episode, try looking in common spots to identify observable, tell-tale signs like a blue or red color schemes. Sometimes, Superman details can be that subtle, so don’t look for the obvious. For instance, if you take a look at the refrigerator in Jerry’s apartment, you’ll find a Superman magnet on the front of it starting in Episode 56 and continuing thereafter.

Have you checked out Jerry’s stereo shelf? There’s a subtle hint contained on that shelf. We won’t give it away, but tune into any favorite episode of yours from Episode 81 and on to find a little Superman souvenir waiting for you.

Jerry’s clothes can also be a giveaway. There are many instances when Jerry wears blue, red, and sometimes yellow which are creative yet subtle nods.

Listen for Superman references

Superman can be found in dialogue, too—so don’t forget to listen carefully. In the past, Jerry has used vernacular like “Kryptonite”, “Fortress of Solitude” and “The Bizzaros” which are all slight affirmations to our Man of Steel. Plus, have you ever heard Jerry reference his like for drawing Lois Lane naked?

Other Places to Find Superman