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Episode Guide Season 6

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(Episode 87): Jerry dates Miss Rhode Island; Kramer tries to help her in the pageant; but Jerry ends up killing all her pigeons. Elaine gets new job with Mr Pitt and George gets the idea of cotton uniforms for the Yankees. Air Date: Sep 22, 94


(Episode 88): Jerry dates Newman's ex. George buys Elaine a big salad from the coffee shop, when his girlfriend takes credit for buying it, George lets Elaine know that it was him that bought that salad. Show ends with Kramer driving Gendison's white Ford Bronco down the interstate (ala OJ ) . Air Date: Sep 29, 94


(Episode 89): Elaine's friend Noreen dates a high-talker; Jerry volunteers to host a pledge drive for PBS. Jerry is talked into cashing in birthday checks from is Grandma and the checks bounce. Air Date: Oct 06, 94


(Episode 90): When George and Ms. Changs telephone lines get crossed, Jerry makes a date with Ms. Chang thinking that she is a Chinese women. He later finds out that she is white. George's parents get a divorce. Noreen dates a long-talker. Kramer finds out he has a low sperm count. Air Date: Oct 13, 94


(Episode 91): Jerry gets a new couch, which Pappi pees on. Elaine refuses to eat at Pappi's due to his stand on abortion. Elaine dates the guy who delivered Jerry's new couch but breaks up after finding out his stand on abortion. Air Date: Oct 27, 94


(Episode 92): Kramer invests in computer generated 3-d art. Elaine must substitute for Mr. Pitt in a merger deal, regarding "Moland Springs"; a girlfriend's mom sees George eating out of the trash. Jerry dates a '84 Romanian Olympic medalist. Kramer passes a kidney stone at the Circus. Mr Pitt ends up resembling Hitler at the end. Air Date: Nov 03, 94


(Episode 93): Jerry gets free suit, but then has to take Banion out to dinner; Kramer gets rid of his refrigreator and only eats fresh food, George asks out the waitress, who becomes disinterested when he mentions manure. Elaine dates an Englishman. Air Date: Nov 10, 94


(Episode 94): George buys a car who he thinks is Jon Voight's; Kramer runs into Jon Voight and Voight bites him. Jerry crashes a party during The Thanksgiving-Day Parade at which Kramer and George try to match the teeth marks on Kramer's arm to those on a pencil found in the car. Air Date: Nov 17, 94


(Episode 95): George hires a rather homely secretary; but ends up making out with her. Jerry spots a dry cleaner wearing his clothes; Kramer sells the clothes off his back to Banion. Kramer gets Uma Thurman's phone number. Elaine is convinced the department store has "skinny mirrors". Air Date: Dec 08, 94


(Episode 96): Kramer gets job as Santa; Jerry dates woman named Lois; Jerry must defend his high school speed legend in a race. Elaine goes out with a "Commie". Air Date: Dec 15, 94


(Episode 97): Kramer's first Name is finally revealed[COSMO]; Jerry tries the roommate switch with George's help. Elaine lends Mr Pitt's tennis racket to a lady with whom she has a job interview and tries to sneak into her office to get it back for Mr Pitt.. Air Date: Jan 05, 95


(Episode 98): Jerry & Elaine think that Tim Whattly (the dentist) is a "re-gifter" after Jerry gets the same label maker that Elaine gave to Tim. George dates woman with male roommate [menogeatrios]; Jerry gives and tries to get back his Superbowl tickets. Kramer & Newman play RISK... Air Date: Jan 19, 95


(Episode 99): Newman has many unpaid parking tickets; guy(John Lovitz) fakes cancer to get sympathy; George gets a hairpiece. Air Date: Jan 26, 95



(Episode 100): 



(Episode 101):




(Episode 102): Elaine tries to convert a gay man after becoming attracted to him; Jerry dates a policewoman and finally admits to watching Melrose Place after taking a lie detector test. George, with his toupee, goes out with a bald woman. Air Date: Feb 09, 95



(Episode 103): Elaine's doctor-friend Wendy has bad hair & they want Kramer to tell her. Jerry vows to stop the "kiss hello" with Wendy. In order to make Jerry's apartment more friendly, Kramer posts everyone's' Name and picture in the apartment lobby. Jerry hates this idea as everyone would kiss him on the cheek as they would say hello Air Date: Feb 16, 95



(Episode 104): Jerry agrees to take over the doorman's job at Mr. Pitt's apartment. When the doorman does not come back, Jerry just leaves and a couch is stolen, but he can be tracked because he signed for a package while "on duty". Kramer gets idea for male bra from George's father. Air Date: Feb 23, 95



(Episode 105): Jimmy refers to himself in the third person, confusing Elaine, causing her to agree to go on a date with him. Kramer is mistakenly assumed to be mentally challenged after he comes back from the dentist under the influence of Novocain, and later is given a swollen lip by Jimmy. Kramer tells Jerry that the Dentist has copies of PENTHOUSE in his waiting room. By the end of the show, both Elaine and George are referring to themselves in the third person. Air Date: Mar 16, 95



(Episode 106): Jerry has fleas, we find out who "the chunky" is that gave Jerry fleas after Elaine goes into Jerry's fumigated apartment looking for a manuscript. George finds a new girlfriend, he likes her until he finds out that she does not care what he looks like. He later changes his mind when she lets him walk around as "the velvet fog". Kramer loves mackinaw peaches, but looses his taste after getting fumigated. Jerry's parents stay in, and trash a hotel room that Elaine is supposed to be staying in. Air Date: Apr 06, 95



(Episode 107): Kramer makes a "Pasta Jerry" out of FUSILLI pasta. Jerry tells his mechanic about "The Move" and he then uses it on Elaine. George wants a new move after no success with his move. Kramer gets license plates that read ASSMAN. Mr Castanza must go to a proctologist after falling on the "FUSILLI Jerry". Air Date: Apr. 27, 95



(Episode 108): Elaine wants to quit her job with Mr Pitt. Mr. Pitt puts Elaine in his will & then gets sick (because of wrong advise from Jerry about prescription drugs) & is on the verge of dying. Elaine and Jerry are accused of plotting to kill him. Kramer starts-up his betting habit again at the airport wagering on the arrival/departure times of flights and is bailed out by Newman. Jerry tries to get back in time to go out with a model but he angers the pilot (during his comedy show), gets kicked off the plane, and must drive back to the City making him late. George tries to find a black friend. Air Date: May 4, 95



(Episode 109): Elaine and Jerry go to a hockey game the rangers and devils with Elaine's boyfriend who is a face painter. Kramer gets into trouble with a monkey. George contemplates telling his girlfriend that he loves her. Air Date: May 11, 95



(Episode 110): Jerry has trouble deciding when he should comfort his girlfriend who also happens to be Bette Midler's understudy in the musical version of Rochel Rochel. During a softball game George injures Bette Midler at home plate & Jerry & George are accused of taking-out Bette on purpose just to get Jerry's girlfriend a starring role in the musical. Elaine gets a job for a clothing catalog. Kramer nurses Bette back to health. Elaine takes Frank Costanza along with her to the manicurist to translate for her and Frank meets and old girlfriend . She dumps Frank after he "stops short" on her. Air Date: May 18, 95